Monday, August 24, 2009

Oreo Ice Cream Cake

So, my roommates in college made this for a group date and I still have dreams about it. So yummy!! And SOOO easy, no baking, no mixing, just wonderful. This is the recipe according to Paige, and I couldn't have said it better....

1 box vanilla ice cream
hot fudge
cool whip

Throw lots of Oreos in zippy bag and crush with rolling pin or whatever works. Cover bottom of 9x12 pan with half of the oreos and smush flat. Drizzle some caramel and hot fudge over Oreos.

Pull open the ice cream box and cut ice cream into approx. 1-1 1/2 inch slices. Place on top of oreos in pan in single layer. Drizzle hot fudge and caramel on ice cream.

Top off the ice cream with the rest of the oreos, then cool whip. To make it pretty, sprinkle a few oreo crumbs on top of the cool whip. Freeze a while before serving so it firms up.
That's essentially it. It would also be yummy with mint ice cream. Sort of like Asphalt Pie from Winger's. Mmmm. OR use graham crackers instead of oreos and strawberries instead of fudge and caramel. Man, I'm getting lots of ideas from this. And I'm getting really hungry too."


And, thanks Paige! This is making me hungry, too, and somewhat nostalgic....miss you girls!